After launching its new rewards programme, Buildbase wanted to advertise the scheme to its existing client base. So, following a consultation with Momentum Social, it was agreed that the most cost effective solution for this would be social media advertising; with specific targeting to the desired customers to ensure efficiently. Complying with the recently introduced GDPR legislation, this provided Buildbase with a fast way of encouraging their target audience to take up the scheme. In fact, following algorithm changes in late 2017, social advertising is reaching its global peak. The cambridge analytica scandal came and went, Sprout Social now reports 93% of marketers are implementing Facebook advertising. Regardless of the scandal Facebook ad revenues are up 20% ( Here’s why:


In order to captivate the audience, Momentum supported its advertising strategy with the production of a rewards video, highlighting the benefits of joining and the rewards that could be redeemed. Following launch of the advertising strategy, Momentum were able to enlist 36% of the existing customer base within the first 72 hours, which would increase substantially over the full two-month campaign. In the early days of branded content on social media, brands and influencers generated huge revenues organically. However, as the money increased, social networks decided to take their slice of the pie. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to achieve large amounts of organic reach and engagement on Facebook, even with a large following. This is because Facebook’s algorithm penalises branded content unless it delivers value or has spend behind it.


The best ads don’t demand ‘buy this’ or ‘click here’. Instead, they deliver value for the audience, showing the algorithm they’re not spam. To maximise ROI, Momentum Social combines fan competitions, engagement and incentives to gratify the audience and drive organic results alongside effective paid advertising. The important thing to consider is all results come at a cost, whether it’s time spent on community management, the cost of a fan competition prize or advertising spend. You get out what you put in. However, it’s still one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising, aside from word of mouth, on the planet and available to marketers today.


The Momentum team believes any brand can succeed on social media. The key is considering the audience and their mutual contacts. For example, when targeting managers with professional B2B ads, consider who else might refer them to the offer… Getting buy-in from lower-level employees, admin staff and even family will help maximise the chance of generating successful leads. The Momentum Social team has been implementing this strategy for construction giant Buildbase alongside a varied portfolio of B2B clients. Unlike traditional marketing methods, social advertising allows marketers to A to Z test, with real-time analysis and results.