LinkedIn Stories featured

Stories are now available for UK LinkedIn users, giving them the chance to create and share them with connections. Stories allow communications via short videos and messages. They appear as brief, full-screen and vertical that show separate to a user’s feed, similarly to Facebook and Instagram. They are temporary, up to 24hrs and will delete unless saved. So, let’s look and see how it lets us expand our reach!

Facebook, Instagram, now LinkedIn?

Stories have long been a feature on popular social platforms Facebook and Instagram. However, LinkedIn has now introduced the feature for professionals. This is in the hopes of giving them every possible format and feedback opportunity.

The benefits are ample. As Stories are temporary, they encourage immediate responses as there is FOMO if they disappear. This will spur quick responses with limited delays. Consistent posting helps build stronger connections as familiarity improves, increasing the likelihood of future engagement.

LinkedIn Stories – how will they be used?

Short video messages will be useful for professionals to target connections quicker with a more personable touch. Stories’ sequences in a professional format are ideal for sharing key moments, from things like work events and campaigns. If used correctly, the full-screen narrative lets people share working tips and tricks.

Additionally, Stories open up new messaging threads for quicker, personable responses. They’re a quick way to update connections on business developments. Also, users get increased feedback opportunities with polls and Q&As. A great way to understand an audience and conduct market research! They aren’t to be over-used, though. Keeping on-brand with limited, but consistent use will let connections know what to expect.

Stories surge in popularity

Snapchat is the founder of Stories, with Facebook and Instagram quickly following suit. Why? They’re hugely popular amongst the younger generation. Stories surged as they offer lightweight interaction, a fun way to update without it embedding a user’s profile. In a professional context, LinkedIn Stories let people build connections and have a laugh in what is otherwise a strict, uptight platform.

LinkedIn Stories are a great way to make your professional profile more personable. Wondering how to implement this in your strategy? Then get in touch with us!