Ever wondered how to succeed in the motorsport sponsorship industry? Who to talk to? How to stand out in a crowded market? Well look no further than the Racing Mentor podcast.

Following talks earlier on in the year with current client Toby Trice, the Momentum team came together with Jess Shanahan, founder of Racing Mentor to provide support on their newly founded sponsorship podcast. Jess required editorial support, visuals for social media and distribution of the weekly podcast to help grow their following. It’s fair to say since then, the podcast has gone onto be a massive success for both the brand and its growing fanbase!


The podcast is now on Episode 20, with weekly podcasts being rolled out with a whole host of information helping people survive and thrive in the industry. Listeners from all around the world are tuning in on 8 different platforms, such as Spotify, Apple and Google. In fact, since its inception the podcast has had 1,800 listeners across 19 different countries and continues to provide thought-provoking knowledge on one of the most important aspects of motorsport… sponsorship.

The podcast has now formed a major part of the Racing Mentor’s new brand marketing strategy – building an engaged community of drivers all learning from one another with the brand at the heart of it all.

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