First quarter trends blog featured

With the first quarter behind us, this piece reflects on the top three most important trends from the last three months. We’ll compose our learnings from these trends, in order to provide insight and improve social media plans for the following quarter. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Video remains content king

Short-form videos are the best way to get a message across to an audience. According to Biteable, 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery. This, coupled with the boom in livestreaming, and general video platform popularity shows us the digital space has filled the physical void left by the pandemic.

Improve social media plans by using the opportunity to post short-form videos, live streams, as well as taking advantage of the most popular video platforms – like TikTok and YouTube. Power up your posts with animations, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality to encourage interactions and drive purchases via creative means.

Ears should be open for social listening

Keeping an ear our for what’s going on in a community is essential to engage a following. Listening tools that’re built into third-party social software like Hootsuite and SproutSocial will help monitor a brand, ensuring effective communications to build relationships.

Build social listening into a social strategy to really understand what consumers are saying. This will help engage in conversations to improve brand awareness and develop leads. Nurturing prospects by responding to an audience in real-time shows an eagerness to communicate – this is attractive for consumers looking for high transparency.

Watch out for Stories & ephemeral content

We reported a boom in Stories – the growth continues. Last month, we highlighted our challenge to post Stories across all our channels to see their impact on messaging reach. The progress? Well, we’ve definitely seen an increase in interaction on Facebook and Instagram. So much so that we will continue with this strategy for the foreseeable future.

Bolster social strategies by implementing Stories into content plans. In addition to this, take advantage of ephemeral content. Content that disappears within 24hrs is extremely popular amongst Gen Z, given it leaves less of a digital footprint. FOMO content will drive consumers to landing pages with the right CTA stickers attached!

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