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Research suggests that while over 67,000 Google searches are made every second (Expertusmarketing), most people won’t scroll past the second page. The hypothesis is that the majority of people believe page one search results are most likely to meet their needs. This will be absolutely true, IF Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is done properly. Good “SEO” effectively increases the rank of websites on search engines such as Google. It is the organic (free) alternative to PPC; for which a fee is charged outright in order to prioritise a page; automatically ranking it highest amongst specific keyword searches. However, without a good base of SEO, even the best PPC campaigns will lose out to competitors. The SEO on a website forms the foundation for ranking and searchability, therefore it should be monitored and improved on an ongoing basis.

Getting the most out of SEO

The crucial elements of SEO need to be understood in order to maintain website ranking:

  • Keywords – Relevance is vital to successful SEO. All keywords must be researched and carefully matched to your business’s practices and services in order to be effective
  • Backlinks – It is crucial to build “bridges” or backlinks between your website and other marketing activities such as emails and social media. The more credible backlinks you have to-and-from your website, the better it will rank. Remember, traffic should flow both ways!
  • Off-page SEO – Externally optimising a site via backlinks on other websites (as well as back-links on your own socials and digital activities) is an effective way to build credibility and ranking too

So, why is SEO so important?

The concept is simple; the higher your website ranks, the easier your business is to find. Which means customers are more likely to visit, convert and ultimately make a purchase. Ranking higher than your competitors ensures the flow of traffic is focused on your offering first, which will influence purchase decision making.

In addition, more efficient and increased web traffic will improve lead generation opportunities and eventual sales. This will result as a combination of effective SEO and any subsequent PPC advertising.

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