Petrolheads’ perfume

The founder of BYKATHRYN is a woman named Katie who created a woman’s perfume brand. She founded perfume for petrolheads – inspired by a true passion and love for motorsport. Katie displayed exceptional entrepreneurship, spotting a gap in the market during outings at F1 events – realising that other than caps and merchandise, there wasn’t many options for female ‘petrolheads’ to buy, so she created something worthwhile…

Petrolheads goes above and beyond

Not only does the perfume look great, using the ‘oil slick’ colours as branding to bring the scent closer to its motorsport inspiration; it smells great. An aspirational and exciting perfume worn while “driving fast with the roof down and the wind in your hair”. Additionally, Petrolheads supports woman in motorsport showing great brand character.

Activating the range on social

In addition to Petrolheads, the BYKATHRYN range features Padstow Rocks which is inspired by surfing and the beaches of Padstow. It differs from Petrolheads as more of a fresher scent, made for summer and “getting out of town”. Motorsport and surfing themes combine in this portfolio to deliver something at both ends that caters to woman in sports.

Like any unique product, a unique digital strategy was needed. Being ever-present in the BTCC paddock, we were able to rub shoulders with Katie, and drum up a strategy for social media activation and video support in 2021. The team were brought on board to shoot inspiring video content in appropriate settings, whilst designing and consulting on a full social media strategy – effectively delivering this to a growing online audience.

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