Beer promotions case study - featured

Enjoying a crisp pint

MS Brewery is a fictional, concept beer brand developed by the team to showcase an example of how Momentum would effectively promote your drinks products this summer. This demonstration comes as demand rockets in the hospitality sector post lockdown. Restrictions are lifting and the parties are starting. So, let’s ensure consumers are drinking your product this summer – read on for strategic insight into premium product marketing!

Activating drinks this summer

The rule of six continues in the UK, alongside other limitations that’re necessary for drinking establishments to re-open their doors. This means advertising MS Brewery with responsible drinking in mind is essential messaging in a socially responsible climate! For example, ‘Think for a moment, please drink responsibly.’ Coupling this messaging with engaging content captures your customers attention. Do this through promotional videos and creative graphics that consumers really notice across social media.

Promoting MS Brewery by displaying insight and its brand ethos, such as ingredients used, and processes involved will create a level of transparency that’s key for authenticity. Delivering creative, authentic content via long and short-form methods ensures the product’s seen across all mediums.

Momentous beer promotions

Branding your beer with fresh, bespoke design invigorates your brand for summer consumption. As well as branding, our services include social media activation and media production support for product shoots and videography. Our team are equipped to advertise across all mediums via short & long-form video, creative and written content designed to broaden awareness and engagement. This would include long-form written content – an inbound pull strategy that creates hype around your product to highlight what makes you unique.

Lastly, making your brand newsworthy in the craft beer scene with press releases connects you with a broader online audience via review sites and publications that’ll promote for you. Momentum’s press office service will help drum up new business and prospects.

Contact the Momentum team for drinks activation this summer!