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An introduction to brand guidelines

Brand guidelines, also known as brand style guides, are instructions on how to communicate a brand. These instructions lay out visual details, alongside notes on tone of voice, messaging and overall representation. As consistency is a crucial element of branding, these guides help ensure a brand is recognisable across all marketing mediums to create a cohesive brand identity. With this in mind, let’s discuss their importance regarding marketing efforts.

Memorable brands have consistent guidelines!

Brands with consistent guidelines stay with us due to a consistent presence. They repeat the same logos, colour schemes, fonts and images to create familiarity. Being familiar with customers increases emotional purchasing, making it more likely to make the sale. This is because once familiar, it brings us a sense of reliability and security in the product or service.

Staying on the same page

Brands can improve the customer experience with unified operations. Graphic designers, community managers and packagers will benefit from consistent guidelines with everyone on the same page. This ensures cohesion in all marketing activities such as customer support, article writing and social media content. When this works together, brands can expect to grow in power and recognition.

Rules. Rules. Rules. They’re there for a reason, and the guides really help set a standard on how the different branding elements should be used across all activities. This gives a brand the tools to achieve that all important consistency.

Momentum can help you achieve this consistency. Our experienced team will help establish all necessary elements – from the colour palette right to the messaging tag line. Getting the branding right is a critical process, and even if that’s all taken care of, there’s no harm revisiting it to see where improvements can be made.

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