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Jamie Falvey Racing

Jamie Falvey is a racing driver who has previously raced in the Ginetta GT4 Supercup, on behalf of Motion Capital Racing. He’s currently taking a sabbatical, providing a driver coaching service whilst advocating for mental health. As a motorsport athlete, coach and mental health advocate, Jamie’s gained in-depth experience in the series, both on and off the track which he now passes on to a wide audience, thanks to a little help from Momentum and Purple Tasche.

Racing Minds

Racing Minds is a charity organisation set up by Jamie that provides a positive, exciting, and supportive environment for blue light services, military personnel, veterans, and individuals that are battling with mental health problems to support their recovery and help improve their mental state through motorsport.

Jamie provides support via a podcast, with guest appearances featuring various individuals throughout the month, such as Jimmy Broadbent, Jade Edwards and Nathan Freke. These discussions go into detail about their personal life, sharing a light on their story regarding mental health issues.

The aim of the charity is to break down the barriers associated with mental health, bringing on guests within the motorsport industry – giving them a platform to shine a light on these issues. The podcast intends to spread awareness to support their recovery and educate Jamie’s audience.

Momentum and Purple Tasche join the race

To put the above in action, the team and Purple Tasche helped with a full social set-up, involving profile creation, initial growth and generating awareness. This has been done via social content which is created and posted across the month on both Jamie’s and Racing Minds’ Facebook & Instagram pages.

In addition to this, we conduct community management throughout the week to engage the audience, nurture it and develop further awareness. Moreover, Jamie receives expert help in regard to the podcast, with editing help from the team which involves editing the podcast and creating the video animations/promotions for it. The Maestros at Purple Tasche also provide creative design and social media support.

To assess social performance, the team handles the reporting to provide feedback on the metrics throughout the month. This helps determine what to mitigate and develop. Our support will continue into the third quarter of 2021.

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