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Media magic for the Huckletree Earthrise Summit

The media team worked alongside Marble LDN on behalf of the Huckletree Earthrise Summit 2021 – producing video to showcase aspects of the virtual conference as a post event highlight reel. Real-time footage of the virtual conference home page and chat rooms are shown, showing various people within the sustainability industry discussing crucial talking points, and activities taking place. The video uses screen recordings to show what was happening in real-time. So, what does the video show?

Virtual climate summit

The highlight reel features key stats and snippets from the sessions, highlighting the ongoings of the event. The theme was climate change, with advocates scheduling conferences and holding Q&As to engage people around sustainability topics.

So, who are Marble LDN?

Marble LDN is a multi-service communications agency based in London – housing its most innovative, emerging, design-led talent to deliver live experiences without borders. It was founded in 2013 by its four co-founders, bringing together three specialist event companies spanning production, technical production, and project management.

Marble LDN works directly with brands and agencies, such as Momentum to deliver exceptional experiences that spark curiosity, generate conversation and forge emotional connections. We worked closely with them to create the first draft of the video which entailed assembling the footage and developing a storyline for an effective narrative – collating the assets from footage to music, whilst creating graphics for the text slides.

Momentum Media aims to educate, entertain, and inspire viewers through storytelling to build stronger relationships between a brand and its target audience. We’re ready to tailor a bespoke, cost-effective package to increase your likelihood of generating custom. Shall we stick the kettle on?

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