Our on-event support & videography services are well documented with the BTCC, especially with the release of the On The Limit documentary. With the season drawing to a close, we’re reflecting on our times at these exhilarating race weekends. We’ve been extremely busy this year, busting our b***s producing bespoke designs and templates, alongside video production and social support. All-in-all, we pulled in a whopping 74,145 engagements and 4,750 comments across the season.

We’re really proud of what we put out, the average turnaround for a graphic at any given time was one hour. Giving the BTCC a chance to post content during the race weekend when the information was topical. Everything considered, there were 300+ graphics produced which were optimised for different social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and the BTCC website. The graphics consisted of circuit timetables, grid previews and race results. Alongside the templates, we produced bespoke designs highlighting key events from the races, such as winners graphics and contender clashes. Pulling in an average of 8,000 total engagements over each weekend.


Did you really think we were going to give all the secrets away? Our chief graphic designer would go berserk. Jokes aside, we’ll let you in for a couple. Activating your brand through breathtaking visuals is our bread and butter. Timeliness of content is essential, so we do our best to scope clients’ needs before the event, to form a plan of action with possible templates to stay ahead of the curve. Another tip is to limit the number of fonts and colors used. A consistent theme sets a generic makeup of the content needed so the first bricks are laid when it comes to a new mockup.Momentum had an incredible season with the BTCC designing suites of graphics and have been retained for 2021.