Momentum has created a fast-moving, affordable event support package for a simple reason… All to often, brands spend months in the event planning stage; organising logistics, writing guest lists, planning PR activations and reaching out to influential people. Then, once the event day arrives live event videography and general documentation often goes overlooked. Therefore, we wanted to make the decision an easy one, with an effective and value-based events marketing package.

The goal? To capture visually striking content, as it happens, so your brand cuts through the noise. Therefore, the Momentum approach is completely flexible; high quality, fast turnaround assets, which provides immersive content for your digital marketing strategy. But, why choose Momentum?

In short, event activation is our USP. Momentum has worked for global brands such as: Dunlop TyresMotorolaVyaire Medical and FIA Macau Grand Prix.

As a result, the Momentum team has activated events in a dynamic portfolio of industries; from automotive to food & drink, technology and motorsport. Providing the evidence to show how our event activation service can be applied to clients of all shapes and sizes!

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