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The digital landscape’s growing at an accelerated rate in the current climate. The latest government action sees us enter lockdown 2.0, with a review on the 2nd December. It’ll likely determine the outcome of an extended national lockdown, or regional tier-based restrictions. Due to these social distancing limits, social media is exploding. Now more than ever, social platforms are crucial for businesses to connect with their audience. The key tool? Livestreaming. According to GWI, livestream events, on average, welcomed 20% of live streamers who couldn’t attend in-person events due to COVID-19. With this in mind, let’s discuss just how important they are for current brand and consumer engagement.

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Benefits, ease of use and convenience

The way we live is evolving. Naturally, the way we connect with brands and consumers is changing with our trends. Apparently, livestreaming events increased by 300% between March-August 2020 (Uscreen). For good reason! The benefits are ample. Including unlimited reach to a global audience, whilst surpassing all physical set-backs imposed by the pandemic.

Current marketing strategies should look to utilise live video as livestreaming can be monetised, opening new revenue streams. It also plays a key role in building trust and transparency, the core of any business transaction. Additionally, broadcasting live is easy as it can be done from most devices. Smartphones are causing huge surges in FB Live, IG Live and Periscope activity. Conveniently, it can be set up to capture an event happening anytime, anywhere. With a broader budget, videographers can immerse viewers as if they were there to truly capture the experience. For example, take a look at our award-winning livestream case study with NSPCC, which took place in 90% of schools in the UK with 20K video views and 6K post engagements. For more info just ask our team how! So, still not convinced on the benefits?

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Real-time engagement and content flexibility

Livestreaming lets us create dynamic content in real-time which sends messages promptly. In addition, this content can be repurposed for future adverts/promotions, saving on future expenses with authentic footage. Moreover, real-time streams spur online interaction. Algorithms prize reactions over any other metric. Therefore, the more audiences interact, the better the reach and overall exposure for a campaign. Ultimately, marketing strategies now rely more on livestreaming/digital content as traditional means struggle for similar results. If leads and sales are the goal, then we suggest live video be a primary aim. To discuss livestreaming in more detail and how we can help, get in touch with us.

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