The changing social landscape

The social media landscape is ever changing – impacting the revenues of traditional marketing channels. This is due to the increase in ad spend via social outlets, such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as Google. It is estimated the UK will reach 18 billion in ad spend by the end of 2021 (Statistica). As its ever changing, social media is hard to stay on top of. So, we’re outlining ways for your business to stay ahead of the curve in Q2.

Staying ahead with a content focused approach

The social media landscape requires marketers to approach content in a creative way, rather than technical; sharing information as opposed to collecting it. But doing so in a way that’s engaging to drive interactions, as well as informing and entertaining your consumers. Just take a look at how we accomplish this through copywriting, creative design and media production.

Collaborating to stay ahead

To thrive in the changing social landscape, it’s paramount to start thinking as collaborators, as opposed to individuals. Doing so allows businesses to leverage each other’s connections, improving awareness and networking opportunities. We do this through brand partnerships or sharing brand content to take advantage of a combined audience.

Ahead of the curve with paid campaigns

We no longer consider social media as a passive marketing tool because it sells! The majority of social platforms are placing more emphasis on paid, rather than organic reach. This is to essentially gain a competitive edge with targeted ads to a wider audience. Learning to utilise these advanced tools is the best way to stay ahead of the competition, ensuring your brand is recognised and engaged with.

Consumers are spending an increasing amount of time online, partially due to lockdown restrictions but also due to the natural change in the landscape. This means taking advantage of digital avenues has never been more important. The Momentum team is on hand to combine creative content with SMART strategies to activate a strong online presence. All you need to do is ask. Talk to us.

We’re ready to put you ahead of the curve, fancy a coffee?