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The importance of email marketing

According to Mailchimp, the very first email sent by Ray Tomlinson in the 70’s marks the beginning of modern communications – he also introduced the “@” symbol in email addresses. Email marketing is a way to make the consumers in an email list aware of business updates, products, and services to engage a brand and promote awareness. This piece will outline the benefits of email marketing, and why this method should be used to connect with an audience to grow a business.

The benefits

Email marketing is a popular method of growing a brand and promoting its services. It makes consumers aware of the latest offerings and updates when integrated into marketing automation efforts – such as a monthly newsletter which we’ll touch on later. This means that emails can play a vital role in the broader marketing strategy via lead gen, brand and relationship building, by driving traffic to a website & social media.

Using email marketing to connect with audiences

Marketing via emails promotes business awareness, but it also incentivises consumer loyalty. 40% of B2B marketers say emails are most critical to their content marketing success (HubSpot). It’s a great soft sell approach to educate and inform consumers on the value of a brand – it keeps them engaged between purchases. This helps build an engaged following using inbound-pull content to generate interest around the business, not just what it’s offering which improves transparency and healthy communications.

To do this, an email list should be set up. Don’t buy them, encourage consumers to opt into receiving messages using lead magnets. A custom sign-up form should do the trick, whilst offering incentives to sign up wouldn’t hurt! Once set up, use the list to engage consumers regularly to keep them updated.

Momentum’s Newsletter

Given that 99% of consumers check their email every day and it’s the preferred way to receive brand updates (HubSpot), Momentum has integrated email marketing into its communication efforts with a monthly newsletter – detailing the on goings from the month. We encouraged our audience to sign up via a custom sign-up form, and they receive an update monthly via Mailchimp. Will you integrate email into your marketing efforts?

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