April trends blog featured

The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest moving industries in the world. New technologies and platforms are always being developed to meet the demand of emerging markets. Our previous trends blog rounded up the key learnings from Q1. With that behind us, let’s look towards Q2 to see how it will pan out and how we can take full advantage of April trends.

The top five new and emerging marketing trends

Paramount April trends are as follows:

  • Invest in inbound-pull content such as blogs
  • Create and encourage the sharing of content, especially video, whilst cross-posting on channels
  • Leverage both ephemeral and permanent social media content across emerging platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat
  • Invest in micro-influencer campaigns
  • Utilise virtual & augmented reality (VR & AR)

Taking advantage of the listed trends

Since this time last year, we’ve dealt with unprecedented circumstances. With more people staying at home than ever, outbound-push strategies have become less effective in generating leads. The work-from-home norm has made inbound-pull marketing strategies more effective in this sense. So, taking advantage of online events via live streams for example is really important moving forward. In order to appeal to the increased long-term attention span of at-home audiences.

Video consistently performs as the strongest content type. Video marketing ought to be bolstered alongside usual product offerings. Creating valuable resources that aid sales and customer service efforts – like tutorials. With the lower-cost barrier now associated with media production, it’s more accessible than ever for businesses to showcase their services via video.

Leveraging permanent as well as temporary-fleeting content on emerging platforms is necessary to attract and engage audiences with different social standards. The younger Gen Z prefer to leave less of a digital footprint and opt to engage in fleeting content. That being said, to engage these youngsters, it’d be a good idea to post alongside the content they engage with on the platforms they engage on, like TikTok and Snapchat.

Working with micro-influencers who’ve developed a presence in their niche will help grow a brand at lower costs. Appealing to these niches improves lead gen opportunities which in turn, improves the bottom line. That’s not all, ROI goes up and so does brand credibility, as consumers are likely to trust their opinions and recommendations.

Utilising AR & VR is a recurring point in our trends blogs. That’s because they’re making huge waves in the marketing world by letting brands interact with their audience in real-time. They improve the consumer experience – as this tech becomes more accessible, expect it to compete with video in terms of popularity. So, now’s a great time to start strategising!

On that note, contact the Momentum team to take advantage of crucial marketing trends that’re set to boost your socials’ performance!