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Hospitality’s bounce back

The pandemic has taken its toll on the hospitality industry, with a combination of travel bans and lockdowns limiting access to hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, and cafés. According to UKHospitality, the sector has lost £80.8bn of sales in 12-months of COVID-19. April 2020 – March 2021 shows a 64% decrease in sales compared to the previous year. As restrictions lift, we’re likely to see sales rocket as the nation makes up for lost time – instigating an economic boost. With this in mind, let’s discuss how hospitality will bounce back so businesses can best prepare for the summer splurge!

Sensational summer hospitality

The new norm dictates stricter policies. For a sense of normality to return we have to communicate new policies with customers in a creative way – so that they’ll feel confident with the message and services as a whole, improving the purchase decision.

Social distancing enforces stricter booking systems which more and more venues are utilising to ensure quality. This creates an opportunity to take advantage of digital booking systems via social media, where customers can see availability in real-time whilst you create a transparent platform for all stakeholders to see the business at a glance – boosting operating efficiency.

When considering physical proximities, popular strategies involve plastic-screen installation, one-way systems and outdoor dining spaces. Given the acceleration of the digital transformation, these policies need to be broadcast online to generate any traction, with reassurance at the core of this messaging and its campaigns.

Momentum’s five-star service

Digital booking systems can be streamlined with chatbot services which Momentum can integrate. Moreover, delivering policy campaigns online increases the likelihood of awareness and engagement. Our media production services create compelling photo and video that tells a creative story – successfully launching products via social media activation.

Quality and safety reassurance are at the top of customers’ wish list when it comes to an ideal setting. Communicating ways to make people safe via community management on socials, email and website are top of the priority list for establishments to bounce back – which we can help with.

It doesn’t stop there. Taking as many business elements as possible online will help the bounce back – we can craft unique digital menus to meet specification. Additionally, implementing self-service kiosks to improve the point of sale and making a conscious effort to diversify revenue streams will help ten-fold.

Diversification comes by filling the physical capacity void with digital space, offering online experiences for music events and cooking competitions. Coupling this with online commerce such as promoting meal deal kits and merchandise will build on these streams to generate leads and sales. All you have to do is ask!

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