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Apparent shortages in digital skills

According to the BBC’s 2014 ‘The Apprentice’ winner Mark Wright, there’s a huge skills shortage in the digital marketing industry – nearly 40% of the UK’s working population lack digital skills! Apparently, the business owner had 14 immediately available roles last month, receiving only one application. So, we’re going to dive into this notion to show you exactly how we can help bridge the apparent gap.

A digital skills disaster?

The entrepreneur states not enough people have the necessary skills, which is worrying as social and website advertising has been around five to ten years. Industry experts warn of a ‘digital skills disaster’, as the UK could fall behind in an increasingly competitive global market. The UK government’s response is a promise to carry out a ‘skills revolution’ to bridge the skills gap, offering opportunities to learn and upskill/retrain.

Disaster strikes…

The digital skills shortage is steadily climbing due to these three main reasons:

  • lack of clearly defined job roles
  • lack of career advice in the digital industry
  • lack of role models in the industry

To increase the talent pipeline, industry experts should look to broaden the awareness of digital opportunities. This can be done though targeted online campaigns that offer a solution to the skills problem, such as a free e-book, on the promise of fair exchange with an email sign up for example!

Momentum saves the day…

With the digital skills shortage increasing, Momentum intends to help bridge the gap with branding support, in order to help set up new businesses. Not to mention social media and website management to get the message out there and keep the ball rolling. So, get in touch for our full digital offering, we’d love to have a chat.

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